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Yeyro Ring Pro: Smart Ring Sleep Tracking Expert of 2023

Many wearable trackers rely on movement patterns to determine what your sleep status is. With Yeyro Ring pro, your sleep is measured far more precisely. 

Since the Yeyro Ring Pro is placed on your finger, it has the ability to detect subtlest movements, it can differentiate between acts of twitching in a dream, turning over in bed, and going to the bathroom at night.

You can track your sleep with the Yeyro Ring and see how long you spend in each stage as well as a concise Sleep Score. Read on to take a closer look into how Yeyro Ring is the best smart ring for sleep tracking

Sleep Tracking Smart Ring

Smart ring for sleep tracking: Fad or reality

The Yeyro Ring is a comfortable and unobtrusive device that allows you to measure your sleep in comfort, without the bright screens or notifications of a device. It uses sensors to detect subtle movements overnight. The ring measures from the arteries on your fingers rather than the wrist, which provides accurate heart rate readings.

In fact, the Yeyro Ring's algorithm uses sensors to analyze your sleep habits. Unlike other sleep-tracking apps, our data transparency is unbeatable.

How your Yeyro Ring pro tracks sleep

The Yeyro Ring pro collects and graphs detailed data to determine your sleep stage. With Yeyro Ring pro, you can use hypnograms that reflect your sleep stages.

Skin temperature is at its highest when your body is most likely to sweat and cools down below the normal core body temperature. The Yeyro Ring’s sleep tracking feature also helps monitor your temperature.

Devices relying on primitive data and few data points can produce a graph for which the sleep stages are merely approximated, though it can’t track deep sleep and the REM phase. With the Yeyro Ring pro, you can identify when it's time to take a power nap and when it's time to sleep. It uses galvanic skin response and heart rate variability to capture accurate data on your sleep patterns.

The ways your sleep impacts your life

The Sleep Score is a personalized indicator of your overall sleep quality and it comprises different influences, known as Sleep Contributors. These influence your deeper questions about what factors are impacting the quality of your sleep.

  • Did you get enough sleep overall?
  • How much of the time you spent in bed was actually spent sleeping?
  • Do you toss and turn at night?
  • Do you think you got enough REM sleep?
  • Did you have adequate deep sleep?
  • How soon did you fall asleep, I asked?
  • When are you going to bed? Are you putting yourself to bed in accordance with your body's circadian rhythm?

    with these contributors, you can evaluate your sleep and find what strengths or deficits it may have.

    What you must know about smart ring sleep tracking

    Beyond your scores and contributors, the Yeyro Ring provides other tools to investigate your sleep. You can view your total sleep time, time in bed, and efficiency via the app on your phone.

    Comparing Yeyro Ring pro with smart rings for sleep tracking

    When looking at sleep monitoring devices, it's important to look at the technology and how it was validated. The Yeyro Ring pro has less intrusive form factor as compared to other smart rings that track sleep. It just feels like an ordinary ring.

    Wonder what the best way to measure sleep is? The Yeyro Ring pro's has advanced sleep monitoring sensors that capture accurate data. It's small form factor enables a more natural sleep experience. If you want to easily optimize your sleep and research your personal at-home sleep tracking history, the Yeyro Ring pro offers a convenient and simple solution for at-home sleep tracking.

    It also overcomes the limitations of a polysomnography (PSG) test used to diagnose sleep disorders. PSG tests are normally only done for a few nights, so they miss out on the important long-term data. The Yeyro Ring pro, on the other hand, captures your sleep every night to provide a better notion of what's going on.

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