Our primary objective is to revolutionize the market by offering an affordable and superior alternative to smartwatches through the development of smart rings. Our dedicated team has invested significant time and effort into creating a range of smart rings that prioritize the monitoring of health-related aspects. Introducing our flagship product, the Yeyro Ring, which stands out as the most affordable smart ring currently available in the market.

Our Approach

Historically, rings were worn to symbolize love, wealth, and status. We wanted our smart ring to symbolize what every human needs today – health and style.

You must be wondering why need a smart ring, when you already have a smart watch? Well, your body emits vital information about your health in your sleep. We all hate wearing smart watch in our sleep, making smart ring an ideal wearable for monitoring your health vitals.
We have packed Yeyro Smart Ring with latest technology innovations enabling a frictionless health monitoring experience. Yeyro Ring Mobile App makes it easy to gain deeper insights of your vitals, and it's a lifetime free app.

"From humble steps to boundless horizons, our journey ignited with a spark."

  • Idea Behind

    The architectural marvel that seamlessly integrates health and fitness data, revolutionizing the field of connected healthcare. By bringing together diverse sources of information, this innovative system offers personalized wellness insights that cater to individual needs and goals. It signifies a transformative leap in healthcare technology, empowering individuals with comprehensive and tailored guidance for their well-being.
  • The Product

    The Yeyro Ring is an advanced wearable device designed to provide precise and valuable information without causing any interference in your daily activities. It is a non-invasive technology that effortlessly measures important metrics by simply wearing it on your finger. This means you can go about your daily routine without disruption while still gaining accurate insights about your health and well-being. The Yeyro Ring offers convenience and ease of use, making it an accessible and user-friendly solution for monitoring and improving your overall health.
  • Users

    The Yeyro Ring holds significant advantages for a wide range of individuals, including health and fitness enthusiasts, wearable device users, gadget geeks, and professionals. By wearing the Yeyro Ring 24/7, these individuals can unlock a multitude of benefits. Health and fitness enthusiasts can track their vital metrics, such as heart rate, sleep patterns, and activity levels, gaining valuable insights to optimize their fitness routines and overall well-being. Wearable device users will appreciate the seamless integration of the Yeyro Ring into their existing tech ecosystem, expanding their capabilities and data collection.
  • Technology

    The Yeyro Ring offers a remarkable level of precision when it comes to monitoring your vitals. Equipped withoptical heart rate and SpO2 sensor, a temperature sensor, an accelerometer, and a gyroscope, it surpasses the capabilities of a typical smartwatch in terms of accuracy and detail. The accelerometer and gyroscope work in tandem to detect and analyze your movement patterns with great precision, offering detailed activity tracking and performance metrics.

With precision as our compass, we navigate the realm of health insights, illuminating your journey towards a beaming smile.

Embark on an extraordinary odyssey and join us in shaping a remarkable future together.