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Is Yeyro Ring and Yeyro Ring pro The Most Accurate Health Ring Tracker? Let’s Find Out

To prioritize accuracy in our smart ring, we’ve acquired new research to compare our health ring tracker against other industry standard tools. Read on to learn why the Yeyro ring is an accurate health tracking device and find out Yeyro Ring's ability to measure data on heart rate and temperature. 

Yeyro Ring pro’s sleep analysis process compared to ECG

The Yeyro Ring pro compared to a medical-grade electrocardiogram device demonstrated perfect correlation for recording heart rates at night.

In addition to tracking your resting heart rate (RHR) and heart rate variability (HRV), Yeyro Ring pro provides you with a graph of your data throughout the night. This graph is made up of tons of data points that each represent a 5-minute segment of your data, connected over time.



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The monitor that you have on your finger is accurate to about 3-4 bpm, and opens up new possibilities for understanding the body. It's not just numbers, but being able to actually see what state the body is in from a numerical standpoint.

Yeyro Ring’s temperature tracking sensors

The Yeyro Ring has an onboard sensor that measure your skin temperature. It can be worn on the underside of your finger and take the temperature directly from it. It converts this data into actionable insights to help you reach your health goals.

Temperature information is more complex than a single reading. Through minute-by-minute measurements, temperature reveals fluctuations and changes that show you the full picture of what is happening to your body and its reactions to internal or external stimuli.

With Yeyro Ring, you can check everybody's temperatures in your family and get an early warning against possible colds or the flu. In other words, this is a ring that acts as a portable thermometer and can measure skin temperature in real time. You never need to carry a thermometer around to check your body temperature.

When you get excessively hot or chilly (in the case of low blood pressure), the temperature sensor will alert you so that you may take preventive action to guarantee that your health is restored.

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The Yeyro Ring is the only all-in-one sleep, activity, stress and wellness tracker with heart rate variability that can collect high quality temperature data. Precise sensors mean more accurate information to take care of. The ring's form factor ensures your wrist is not obstructing either the sensor or your skin.

The best part about the ring is that it is battery powered. It will maintain high data sampling rates over multiple days, and has a battery that doesn't need to be replaced.

What you must know about the health ring tracker’s accuracy

How you respond to your environment is revealed in your skin temperature.

Even if you put your whole hand into the snow, your fingers feel noticeably colder than your wrists. This is because the blood flow around our body changes in different ways to maintain our temperature at a stable level.

Our team confirmed that your fingers capture unique physiological changes by storing data about your temperature. This increases our confidence that the Yeyro Ring is reflecting your temperature, and not your surroundings.

What are the next steps for Yeyro Ring

Our team constantly improves the Yeyro Ring to help consumers make better decisions about their health. The Yeyro Ring is already showing success in real-world applications such as solving fever detection and tracking mood changes. 

The Yeyro Ring has a lot of potential to provide actionable health insights. Buy it for yourself today to transform your physical and mental well-being. 

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