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Smart Rings: The Future Of Wearable Tech

Smart rings have existed for some time, but haven't taken center stage in the world of wearable technology. However, the increasing research into smart rings in the consumer space is leading to a significant rise in their popularity.

This piece discusses how smart rings are the future of smart wearable technology.

What Are Smart Rings?

A smart ring is a wearable electronic device with features similar to those in smartwatches and other gesture control operations. Currently, smart rings function as wearable devices for your phone and enable communication with a variety of apps. They are made for people who want to track their health metrics without having to wear a bulky computer on their wrist that constantly beeps with notifications.

Challenges of Using A Smartwatch

These challenges underline how smart rings have a huge potential to outmatch smartwatches.

1. Design

Even though they are fashionable, watches should not be overly complicated. Digital smartwatches have the appearance of a mini-mobile on your wrist, which is why hybrid smartwatches were introduced.

It doesn't reflect the simplicity that a watch ought to exhibit. You don't want to wear all those elaborate bands and patterns for an extended period of time, let alone with a glowing screen on your wrist.

2. Fashion

This is one of the most important problems that smartwatches have long ignored. Watches are intended to be a component of fashion sense a wearable that elevates your complete look.

A sizable touch screen also doesn't go with those features. A huge screen on your wrist is supported by a simple band in the majority of smartwatches.

On the other hand, watches ought to be elegant and fashionable with analogue patterns and hues that go with your appearance. Hybrid analogue watches with fitness band features hadn't yet been introduced. However, they still fall short of a competent wristwatch that can track your notification and call actions for you.

With a smart ring, you have to never choose between tracking your health or the aesthetic of your outfit. A ring is non-obstructive and lets you carry your fashion the way you want. 

3. Reliability

When you purchase a watch, you are investing your money in a durable item rather than a device that needs frequent charging. It's a dangerous trade because of worries about future hardware problems and problems with a corrupt operating system. This is why smartwatches fail to impress from a security and health perspective:

  • Smart watches usually only measure heart rate correctly.
  • If your smart watch is stolen, it poses a huge security risk for your data.
  • A lot of people would not want an additional screen to look at to track your health. 

Keep it simple, let the one screen - your phone - do what it's supposed to do. There are better methods to track health, like using a smart ring.

What Are The Pros Of Using A Smart Ring?

The USP of using a smart ring like the Yeyro Ring is that you get a great sleep, activity, temperature, and heart rate tracker rolled into one.

1. Comfort

Rings are worn on the finger like a small ornament. It’s not taking up too much area on the wrist, which you can also use to wear a real watch now.

They are thin, attractive, and even provide basic styles that are identical to actual rings in appearance. Everyone's top priority is a wearable smart device that is comfortable and stylish at the same time.

2. Battery Life

Longevity is one of the other concerns smartwatches haven’t been able to overcome. Due to less extensive features, smart rings have a longer battery life, some even having a standby charge capacity of 3-5 days. 

3. Less connected

You naturally stay more hooked in and connected to the virtual world when you have a screen on your wrist. However, most people now choose to be less connected most of the time in order to be completely present in their physical world and utilize technology purposefully and in a way that improves their lives.

Wearing a smart ring allows you to disconnect from your phone or, at the very least, prevents you from getting sucked in by the screen. At a gathering, you may mingle without removing your phone from your purse.

In other words, individuals are less enthusiastic about being hyper-connected now that the pandemic has passed. They want to spend less time staring at displays and dealing with disruptions. 

4. Price

The price is the most crucial consideration when purchasing a high-end electronic gadget. Because smart rings are often less expensive, you would save a lot of money. You would spend little more than $200 for a decent smart ring. Smartwatches, however, may cost up to $1,000 due to their intricate specs and design characteristics.

Wrap Up

Only in a few markets have smart rings become commonplace. But now that the smart ring technology is becoming more and more affordable and accurate, it will finally propel the smart ring category to the top of the consumer market.

If you’re looking for a sleep and activity tracker that’s both easy to use and fashionable, you’ll want to check out the Yeyro Ring. Book a free consultation with us to discuss the potential of the Yeyro Ring and how we can harness it together.

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